Participants’ day 18th May

Today was a short and sweet day. Tying up various loose ends and doing some other important things that it were good to get out of the way.

We all turned up outside the Hornchurch district HQ around 11 and after a quick ice breaker it was straight down to business. An activity that got us sharing our names and an interesting fact about ourselves with the rest of the group. (Although some people struggled to share an interesting fact at all)

Next was a modest PowerPoint presentation from Adam and Peter. Giving us an update on everything from fundraising targets, grant applications, to vaccine information.
So while we all went into the small hall, practicing our knots, information which we will later relay onto the scouts in Gambia, Adam picked us off one by one for another important vaccination, ouch.

We then split into groups to solve a challenge. To create a fully functional cannon from several bamboo sticks, a cup and some elastic bands. Although there were several heartfelt attempts it took a serious time before a clear winner emerged, managing to pocket their projectile into the open top of Hayley’s car.

With all that done we stopped off for a spot of lunch, eating out in the sunshine, and called it a day.

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