2018 Expedition

Gambia 2018 Projects

We’re returning to Basse in 2018. This time we’re going to be focusing much of our efforts into the new land and Scout Centre that we built in 2014.

All these projects are designed to follow the GHISP aim to improve the lives of young people and scouting for all.

Project 1  Working on the land and Scout Centre we built in 2014, we aim to build a new building with toilet facilities, solar power, and running water. This will facilitate the use of conference centre for the community.

Project 2 The Network project this year will be back at Basse Health Centre. This time we will be working on the operating theatres of the Maternity Unit, moving these into currently unused space and moving the labour ward into a more private area with renovation

Project 3 Teaching & Scout Skills. We will continue to provide teaching in the local school and impart our UK scout skills to those in Basse.