Medical Information

Medical Complications

In principle, anybody can apply for the expedition, irrespective of medical conditions and disabilities. However, there are certain things that we have to qualify this with, especially if you have any known issues

  1. Your Doctor must be able to give you full clearance to attend this expedition
  2. All medical issues must be reported through us to the insurance company, and the insurance company must approve your cover. No insurance, no expedition.
  3. You must have a Yellow Fever injection, take Anti-Malarial tablets, and vaccinations as agreed with your doctor.
  4. The leadership team will then have the final decision, taking into account knowledge of the conditions that we will be under, and your personal medical issues and the safety of the whole team.

Please feel free to discuss anything that may be a problem under this section with one of the leaders before applying.  We do need 100% full disclosure of medical information at the selection stage and if selected be updated with any changes during the training or expedition. This may lead to you having to withdraw if the above cannot still be met.

Which Injections will I need?

It is an immigration requirement to have a Yellow Fever jab which can only be administered at travel health centers. Some other vaccinations will be purchased in bulk for the expedition, and will be administered by Dr. Adam Woodgate, Consultant in Emergency Medicine.

These may include Tetanus, Polio, Meningitis C, Typhoid, and Hep A / B. You will also need to take anti-malarial tablets, as The Gambia is a malaria region, which we plan to also purchase in bulk.

Click here for the Gambia 2024 – Immunisation and Anti-Malarial Advice