How will we fund the project work?

The funding will be a mixture of Grants, team fundraising, and individual fundraising. Each team member is expected to raise funds towards the project work. Fundraising weekends will be organised but you will also have to do individual fundraising. Participants in the past have gained support from scout troops, schools, local businesses/associations, family and friends.

How much will it cost?

The forecasted total cost will be £1,500 per scout / leader, which includes £600 of personal fundraising & grants. This includes all of the UK-based training before departure, vaccinations, airfares & vehicle hire, insurance, Gambian transport, food, activities, accommodation, and of course projects.

Please note that each participant will be responsible for raising funds towards the project fund (target £400). If this target is not met, additional funds may be required.

When are the payments due?

The dates and amounts are:

£150 – On acceptance of your place on the team (March 2017)

£500 – Balance Payment (£250 Oct 2017, £250 Feb 2018)
£250 – Joint Fundraising
£200 – Grant
£400 – Personal Fundraising

The initial £150 is non-refundable (as it is used to pay for Insurance / Airline deposits, which are in your name). Any other amounts paid, we will consider refunding. However, we cannot make any promises, and the amount will depend on how much has been spent on non-recoverable items, and how much can be recovered from the insurance company (which will depend on the reason for withdrawal). Any refunds will only occur after the expedition has taken place.

Bank details can be found in the on the Bank Details page.

Does everybody pay the same?

Yes, everybody in the team, including leaders, pays the same amount.