2014 – Scout Centre

Gambia 2014 Projects

Listed below are the four project areas we worked on for this trip. Please take the time to read about them. All these projects are designed to follow the GHISP aim to improve the lives of young people and scouting for all.

Project 1  The GHISP Building: brand new Scout Centre and conference centre for the use of the community to enhance the quality of life for all youth members and also residents of the community. The centre will be used for a variety of activities from Scouting activities to community training. This resource will enable the local community to grow and develop from a mixture of social skills and practical skills.

Project 2 Teaching the teacher is a project to develop the existing teachers on methods used in the UK to develop children. Our Explorer scouts used some of these methods through games and other fun activities to run a summer school in Basse.

Project 3 Hospital renovation. All participants had a chance to work in Basse Health Centre. Solar panels were fitted allowing light during night deliveries, along with a ceiling to floor renovation of the labour ward in the maternity wing.

Project 4 Scouting Skills. We provided training to the adult leaders to improve the quality of scouting skills available. Our explorers and Network members used their skills to have fun with fellow scouts. They will teach them how we do it and we look forward to the Basse scouts reciprocating by showing us how they do it.