A shout out for our individual fundraisers

There is no way to deny that all of our group fundraisers have been a rip-roaring success so far. However, because of the consistently high levels of effort and commitment from almost every single participant of the trip, it has been easy to miss the ones who have had their heads down – blazing a trail ahead of us.

So, I’d like to take this opportunity to give a special thank you to any and all of the trip participants, their extended family or associates that have gone out of their way to raise any extra fundraising. A special mention for Elliott Chang who just recently managed to raise a grand £117 under his own steam and volition. To put that number into context, Elliott’s efforts have just ensured funding for another explorer’s set of malaria nets and other safety precautions. Another mention to the Copping family also, who again independently took part in another boot sale earlier on in the year.

So, a massive thank you once again to Elliott and every else who has taken it upon themselves to do their own spot of individual fundraising and I encourage everyone else to do the same. With just over a month to go, the last thing we want is to barely keep the wolf at the door.

(Have you done any fundraising of your own and feeling under appreciated? Please get in touch and we can celebrate what you’ve done and why you’re doing it together)

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