Sorry been away a few days so missed the 8 week deadline. And also managed to miss the fantastic sounding Dog Show event – if we get the matched funding we should raise £2300 – an absolutely brilliant amount – many thanks to Susie and Jen for sorting again – as well as family that supported and everyone 2 legged or 4 legged that turned up!

Final payments have been made to the travel company – our biggest overall expense of the trip so the bank account is looking a bit bare until we get in those last few bits of money.

One participant in Hornchurch has received confirmation of a Jack Petchey grant – it’s really important that the referee has done their bit and it should get processed quite quickly – please chase this up as time is now flying by.

Ticket requests are beginning to come in for the Hornchurch Barn Dance but we really must sell out the 120 to hit our target so I hope to hear from a few more of you soon.

I am working the next 2 nights but then I have a week off so you will start to hear from me about all those bits and pieces I need to catch up on to make this all happen as safe as possible.


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