12 weeks to go!

I have been to the bank today and paid in £8500, mainly in cheques for the second payments and some of the fundraising money from the Southend contingent, although there were still a few hundred pound coins to weigh and check from the donut selling last weekend!

This takes us up to £11,000 raised in Hornchurch out of a target of £16,000 and £3,000 in Southend out of target of £4,500 – a fantastic effort but still a final push needed!

We also have about £700 from Hornchurch section visits ‘Buy-a-brick’ so far towards the building target and Southend also have some money for this part of the project so hopefully we can get something underway before we actually arrive!

Southend explorers have received some money in grants from the Jack Petchey scheme – this information has gone out to the Hornchurch people today – everyone under 25 can apply – please apply ASAP otherwise there will be a bit of a hole to fill in the finances!

17th May is Car Treasure Hunt – please book tickets – see under 2014 – Skills Centre tab on this website for the online ticket requests.

18th May we meet to finally look at the projects we will be doing on the expedition and it will be exciting to work on these as we are getting much closer to the actual trip and the summer term will fly by!

The end of the fundraising is in sight in the next 6-8 weeks, then there will only be a few weeks to go – so please keep getting that money in a bit longer!!


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