11 weeks and counting!

A couple of days late so actually 10 weeks and 5 days to go.

A leader’s meeting last week and tomorrow night is District Executive so I have to explain where we have got to and how much there is to do.

There is still some climbing sponsorship money to come in – however with money collected on the day as well as sponsorship money, gift aid on sponsorship money and donut money we will easily beat our £3000 target. James Chapman managed to get £362 in sponsorship and Adam S got £286.50 – these are incredible totals so well done! The total is helped by £500 matched fundraising from Enterprise Plants – the company Ian Burton works for.

We have also had other donations of £600 and £100 from companies via Liz Burton – well done Liz! – as well as donations from individuals totalling £625 so far (with gift aid to go with those as well yet). This has all made a big difference so many thanks to those concerned.

There have been some other efforts – Stephen C and family have done 2 boot sales – total £150, Jonathan D a boot sale – £80 and Chris LW and family have raised £210 from Jewellery sales. I know a few other participants and families have some other things happening so this will all help make the difference in the last few weeks.

The total fundraised in Hornchurch now is about £11,650 out of a £16,000 target, Southend have already sent £3000 out of their £4500 target. The Southend team have had some money allocated towards their grant target from the Jack Petchey scheme and I know the Hornchurch contingent have been busy sorting their applications this week. The £8000 grant target for Hornchurch is still a bit daunting at present but we shall see how things pan out over the next 4-6 weeks.

If we can hit target or more on our last 2 big events – the Dog Show on Sunday 1st June and the Barn Dance on Saturday 21st June then we will be getting very close to the finish line!

Buy-a-brick money is coming in – we have about £750 already from the section visits in Hornchurch and I know there have been a lot of other section visits happening – well done to all those who have been making these visits happen – the feedback from the leaders around the District is excellent! Southend also have some company sponsorship for the building so we should be able to start making some movement on this building before we travel hopefully!

Vehicles have been confirmed for a while – see Afriqcars website – 2 Toyota Hiaces, 1 Toyota Fortuner and a ‘mini-van’ (seats 8 apparently!) – hopefully these will see us around the country as planned.

Next Sunday is 2nd full participants day – we will start talking about the projects in more detail as well as some vaccinations planned – I know it’s exam season but hopefully see you there.


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