Participant Meeting 5th January

We met at thriftwood
We planned for Gambia
Rob dislikes haikus
-The Media Team

Today, the Upminster and Southend explorers met up to discuss progress being made on the project, use up the spare supplies from the previous days and to get some quality bonding time in between the two units.

We all piled into the warren lodge at about 11am. However with the majority of the Upminster explorers shattered from the last nights race night, along with bitter weather and far too much mud, everyone’s spirits were a bit down.

After all the adults had got their tea fix we quickly reviewed our fundraising efforts, with roughly 30% of our fundraising now complete we are well on our way but still have roughly £11,000 to fundraise

Luckily James Chapman and his “James’s game’s” helped to elevate the groups mood and wake some of the sleepier individuals up. We started off by playing human bingo, everyone got a piece of paper with nine traits listed.  We then had to go around and find people who matched the criteria on the sheet, writing their names down as we went. Once a winner was established for the bingo we went onto some Gambian dancing. Peter showed off his moves and went face to face with Tom Kelross in a dance off…

With everyone sufficiently warmed up we split of into our separate groups for the day. We had three groups planning unique sessions for Beavers, Cubs and Scouts whilst the newly formed media team desperately tried to fix the website and improve GHISP’s online footprint.

These sessions for the young people around Hornchurch will help them achieve their Global challenge badge, an important prerequisite to a bronze, silver or gold scout award,allow them to learn about Gambia and its culture and work as a cardinal source of fundraising.

After an hour we all returned to the lodge for some warm and refreshing soup, accompanied with a lovely choice of banana bread or fruit cake. We rested for half an hour then split back into our groups to perfect our global challenge sessions.

After one more final hour it was time, judging time. Each team had to present what they had come up with to the leaders in a ‘Dragons Den-esque’ scenario. The scouts group won, with good presentation skills from the whole group and a completely feasible session plan. Although credit is still due to the rest of the groups who, although had good ideas, could have put a bit more vigour into their presentations

To wrap up the day there was a brief parent Q&A where some the parents got up to speed with what’s going on. Overall the day was a success, it was a good opportunity for the Hornchurch and Southend participants to meet up and get to know each other and was crucial to instigate activity with the beavers, cubs and scouts

-The Media Team



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