Extreme Abseil challenge – personal fundraisng

I was keen to do my personal fundraising for Gambia early and as I like unusual events I wanted this to be something unusual. So, spring this year I undertook an extreme abseil descending over 400 feet at the National Abseil Centre, this is the tallest permanent abseil tower in the world and is located in Northampton.

After attending a Rugby match earlier in the year in Northampton and learning that the tall lift testing tower that shadows the stadium is also used for abseiling I decided that was what I would do. The abseil fee was paid for by family as a birthday present and with the support of family friends and the congregation from my local church I raised over £650. Many people were happy to sponsor me for this as they I am my brother participated in the last trip to Gambia.

Most people I know have said they would not have done this. I enjoy thrill seeking activities and was only slightly nervous as I stepped out over the edge but enjoyed the whole experience and given the opportunity would do it again.