Day 7 – My teaching experience

The day started as I was assigned to do the school project at St Georges School. I was to teach the students of the school to do surveys as part of our research project for the school kids and scouts that were taught how to research. This would offer them a way to carry on their education by themselves and we helped them accomplish this as I was to teach a class of students in the school about how a survey could help them learn more about England and the UK and how my group could learn more about the Gambia from the students from these surveys similar to how the letters worked and how we answered their question through a pen pal style of questions.
When I began class was very excited to teach something that would benefit both the students and us the scouts teaching them. As me and my hard-working team taught the students how to fill surveys, tally charts and they learned valuable information about the UK such as the kind of lifestyle we live and we learned their lifestyle in the process. We began with a quick and easy game to capture the student’s attention, this game involved each individual student to write four letter words and they would receive extra points for the word being related to the U.I thought this was a good idea as it instantly grasped their attention so they were ready to learn. When we did the surveys I gave them a choice of topics for their surveys such as sports, weather, food, places and other general topics. Once they had picked a topic they started writing questions and options for their survey. I found teaching them how to tally far more easily than expected. I thought the students were very fast learners and I would be happy to teach them again.

During the making of the surveys some of the students came up with some surprising questions with a little help from me and my group. I personally liked how many of the students marked down for Barcelona as their favorite football team and unsurprisingly their most favorite player was Messi. As usual the weather was hot and the climate was extremely humid but by day 7 I’d think we have all gotten used to the heat and humidity. After a nice lunch we made our way back to the school as we done more scouting skill as part of our project to teach the scouts in Basse some specific skills from the UK. Tonight we did some basic knots which I didn’t find to hard myself and I even learnt some old knots I had forgotten back in scouts but I picked it up quickly and I helped teach the knots to the scouts at the school.

We ended the day with a visit to a compound which was very nice and the dinner was very spicy.

Jack Clark