Day 4 – The Footy

Four groups set off, to do different projects, some helping to concrete the sun shelter; it was a hot day without much shade. Then there was the painting of the health centre as well as cleaning everything. A quick trip to the shop to get some cleaning products. Some made lunch, although everyone complained as there wasn’t enough meat in the roll. And lastly the school project where they did more teacher training.

After all the projects we had a football game against a local team from all over Basse. It was a sandy field, next to the school, no lines were drawn on, and so you have to guess where they maybe. All were slightly older than us, and able to play in the extreme heat, we had many substitutions. No one knows the actual score, but according to Rob it was 4-2 to the Gambians.

And to end the night we went to the school, where the scouts are based, to celebrate Eid. It was a night full of dancing; we have all found out that the Gambians are much better at dancing than us.

A short walk back to the compound, and people went off into smaller groups to chill in the rooms. Making sure to be asleep by 1:00 am as that’s when the air con goes off, and it is near enough unbearable to sleep without it.

Vicky Little