Barn Dance Article

What a better way to bring our group fundraising to a close, than with a barn dance in an actual Barn!

With over 70 guests we managed to pull off a fun and memorable final evening, just over a month until the trip itself.

As usual, mostly the majority of all participants worked from early on in the evening right through to the end.

We consolidated our numbers at five and spent the next two laborious, yet interesting, hours setting the scene for a wonderful evening. Bunting was strung from the walls; the bar was filled and organised; the tables and chairs where lain down; the photography area arranged and of course the barn dance caller was called in to do what he did best.
It was this great fervour that this caller brought with him which helped break the ice and started getting people moving, although only slightly at first…
Once people started moving however and the supply of drinks started being rapidly drained, nothing could mar their speed and enthusiasm, besides a lovely warming curry, compliments of the Cheung family.

A dip in what had been the weathers’ rather pleasant temperament after dinner saw many of what would have been our less enthusiastic individuals cooed inside of the barn to stay warm.
It was here that we ended on the evening on a high note, tucked in snugly to this little barn, the callers enthusiasm spilling over, with an interesting and dizzying dance to finish it all off.
So, with the bar drained; a plethora of photos taken; the sun having set long ago in the sky and everyone leaving in high spirits, there was just one thing left to do. The caller was called home; the photography area was brought down and taken away, the tables and chairs were stacked away, the disorganised and empty bar was packed away and the bunting was brought down, off the walls, as our last guests were finally driving away.

Thank you very much for supporting our last fundraiser.