6 weeks – ready for the world!

The World Cup has kicked off but once it’s done we will only be a few days away from the Gambia expedition. Get some tips from the England team for managing the heat and humidity!

We are getting some grants through so that situation is looking slightly better however I am still expecting a slight shortfall on our fundraising and grant target in Hornchurch. Southend have achieved all of their targets and they are sending over an extra £2000 for the building project – this is a very impressive effort – well done guys!

Not that Hornchurch have done badly – we are up to £13,500 fundraising and £2500 grants – hopefully with quite a bit more grant money to come in. We should go over our fundraising target but go under on the grant front so we will have to see how this balances out but it will be a tight finish!

Next week is the Barn Dance – we have to sell out the place or we will definitely fall further behind – please tell me ASAP if you have sold tickets so we can plan for the food and drink.

After the Barn Dance we just need to get all the remaining bits of money in so that it is in the bank ready to go.

Don’t forget Participant’s weekend 5th/6th July – likely to start at 2pm on the Saturday and be finished by 12pm on the Sunday. The Sunday morning will include the final briefing to participants and parents and distribution of mosquito nets and anti-malarial. We will repeat the final briefing one night that week for anyone who can’t make it.

Priorities – sell Barn Dance tickets, get money to me and chase grants.

Nearly there.